Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Independent Project 2018

  I did my independent project on the Ku Klux Klan this year. My project was made to inform people on the group. It includes the history of the group, what they do, and why they do the things that they do. I did my project in the form of a prezi.
I like the history section and the interview video most about my project. I like the hisory part because it gives an idea on how the group came to be and how it has developed over the years. I like the video because I think it really gives people an idea of how members of the KKK think since it's the words of a person actually in the Klan.
I would say that the hardest part of my project would be finding sources that aren't primarily opinion based seen as it is a very contriversial and opinionated topic.
I think that the hardship of finding reliable sources is also a way that I've grown as a learner. You have to learn which sources are good for facts and will actually give you the information that you need and I think I've improved with that.
If I could do this over again I think I would try to memorize my script more. I had most of it at least somewhat memorized but I still looked at my cards a lot. Mainly because I was scared but I think if I knew more of it I might've been more confident and less scared.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

One Word 2018

I chose endeavor as my one word goal. I chose endeavor because it's a fancy word for try. I want to try more this year. Try to be happier. Try to be a better friend. Try to be a better student. Try to be a better sister. Try to sleep more. Try to involve myself more. Try to walk my dog more. Try to learn to like myself more. Try to be able to order my own food at a restaurant. Try to be healthier. The list goes on. I just want to try more. For a long time I tried really hard and then I just kind of stopped. Since this school year started I've been trying to do those things, but I feel like I just don't try as much as I could. Try. Attempt. Venture. Strive. Endeavor.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird Reflection

I personally thought that the To Kill A Mockingbird movie did a pretty accurate portrayal of the book. It obviously had the majority of the characters that were in the book. It also included the main event in the book; being the Tom Robinson trial. However, it didn't include much of the fun things they did over the summer. It also didn't include anything about the first time they saw snow, "Son, where are your pants? It also didn't include them reading to Mrs. DUbose, Jem hearing Boo laugh while retrieving the tire, it also altered the way that Tom dies. I personally would have included more about the things they did over the summer. There were lots of little things that taught them big lessons that they left out. I don't think anything had been better than I imagined, I had pretty clear images in my head and the movie did most of them some justice. I think that the movie did the book quite a bit of justice. I didn't like it as much as the book obviously but I did still enjoy it.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

I think "talk less say more" means to have meaning and purpose behind the words you say. You could be talking, but have no purpose behind your words. But i feel like saying something means it genuinely has meaning behind it. I'm not sure why, but the word just somehow seems more meaningful, powerful. That/s what thought out words are, meaningful and powerful. Talking gives you something to hear, saying something gives you something to think about.

There are many things that get on my nerves. People that know me even just decently well know this.
Things that get on my nerves:
I simple cannot stand ignorant people. I find it so ridiculous when people are so close minded and refuse to even try to understand others' points of view.
-Not being listened to
I hate the feeling of being ignored or my thought being unheard. You can say something millions of times, and some people will hear you, but simply won't listen. This is similar to ignorance, and it makes me want to scream/
-Being left out
I'll see Instagram posts and Snapchat stories of people (usually my friends) and think to myself, "Huh, that's interesting." They're all hanging out without me. It's even worse when they discussed it with you and made plans while you were there. Making you think you would be invited, but then, you're just not.
-Overly happy people
I hate overly nice/happy people. How can someone be so happy and positive all the time?! I swear it simply is not natural. It really is just so very annoying. It makes my generally negative moody self feel like a horrible person.
My lizard requires crickets and meal worms as a part of his diet. He will not eat them if they are not alive. Therefore I must keep a plastic critter keeper container filled with about fifty live crickets. Many nights, I sleep horribly because I have to listen to them chirping. Some find it relaxing and it can even put them to sleep...they give me anxiety attacks.
-My sister, Rowan
Rowan is my younger sister. She is only slightly less than two years younger than me and in the sixth grade. Everybody loves Rowan. If only they knew. She is constantly yelling (her favorite person to yell at is me). I'll do one thing that she doesn't like and it sets her off immediately and then she acts like she wants me dead the rest of the day. When she is in a good mood and I can talk to her like a regular person, she uses something more personal that I told her as a form of blackmail. Yeah, it's really annoying. Oh yeah, and she doesn't know how to knock on doors. She just barges right on in as she pleases. Super. Annoying.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Our project was on Nelson Mandela and the South African Apartheid. We did an exhibit as our project type. The South African apartheid was the discrimination of Africans by Europeans. Nelson Mandela was one of many people that tried to end it and played a very large roll in the winning of equality for South Africans.
My favorite thing about our project is the exhibit. I was really worried because we were really behind at one point. We also changed our ideas multiple times so it was very difficult to stick to an idea and then keep doing just that. In the end though it didn't end up too bad. Erin did really well making the background an African flag (even thought she used glitter tape). The text boxes and images also looked really good because the black border made it pop out a lot against the colors of the flag.
The two things that I found most interesting was that so many people were punished for standing up for their rights. I also found it really interesting that it was the South Africans being discriminated against. I found it interesting that so many people were punished because the majority of the time they were peaceful protests. I find really interesting that it's the South Africans were being discriminated against because that's their homeland. That's where they are from, it's the Europeans that came to South Africa and took over the land.
The hardest part of the project was definitely the process paper and the bibliography annotations. They took a lot of time and required lots of thinking. It also forced us to sort our facts out as we found them and that took a lot of time.
I feel like I improved through out this project because it forced me to work really hard to find facts on a specific topic and we also worked with a tight dead line. I've never been very good at finding facts for specific topics/projects so this helped me to improve knowing what facts are really truly important and should be put into the project.
Between now and History Day, I would like to improve out exhibits. I would like to possibly add more to it with things such as pictures and more captions. I would like to add more pictures that correspond more with the actual topic. I would like to add captions to those photos as well that way the point of them gets across.
I am most proud that we actually got it done. A lot of the time we were behind due to our facts but we caught up. Even after one of out partners was gone for two weeks we managed to complete the project without just throwing a bunch of stuff together and hoping that it turned out okay.
Our project related to the theme because Nelson along with others stood up against the South African apartheid and took a stand to eventually get them the freedom they deserve.