Friday, March 17, 2017

Our project was on Nelson Mandela and the South African Apartheid. We did an exhibit as our project type. The South African apartheid was the discrimination of Africans by Europeans. Nelson Mandela was one of many people that tried to end it and played a very large roll in the winning of equality for South Africans.
My favorite thing about our project is the exhibit. I was really worried because we were really behind at one point. We also changed our ideas multiple times so it was very difficult to stick to an idea and then keep doing just that. In the end though it didn't end up too bad. Erin did really well making the background an African flag (even thought she used glitter tape). The text boxes and images also looked really good because the black border made it pop out a lot against the colors of the flag.
The two things that I found most interesting was that so many people were punished for standing up for their rights. I also found it really interesting that it was the South Africans being discriminated against. I found it interesting that so many people were punished because the majority of the time they were peaceful protests. I find really interesting that it's the South Africans were being discriminated against because that's their homeland. That's where they are from, it's the Europeans that came to South Africa and took over the land.
The hardest part of the project was definitely the process paper and the bibliography annotations. They took a lot of time and required lots of thinking. It also forced us to sort our facts out as we found them and that took a lot of time.
I feel like I improved through out this project because it forced me to work really hard to find facts on a specific topic and we also worked with a tight dead line. I've never been very good at finding facts for specific topics/projects so this helped me to improve knowing what facts are really truly important and should be put into the project.
Between now and History Day, I would like to improve out exhibits. I would like to possibly add more to it with things such as pictures and more captions. I would like to add more pictures that correspond more with the actual topic. I would like to add captions to those photos as well that way the point of them gets across.
I am most proud that we actually got it done. A lot of the time we were behind due to our facts but we caught up. Even after one of out partners was gone for two weeks we managed to complete the project without just throwing a bunch of stuff together and hoping that it turned out okay.
Our project related to the theme because Nelson along with others stood up against the South African apartheid and took a stand to eventually get them the freedom they deserve.

Friday, September 30, 2016

I'm not going to lie, in the beginning, I thought,
"Wait, who's Shakespeare again? He's that boring guy you have to read about, oh, and he wrote Romeo and Juliet right?" But now I actually enjoy Shakespeare (Any guy with a goatee is pretty cool). At the beginning all I really knew was that he wrote Romeo and Juliet, and that you have to read his stuff at some point. But once I realized how many plays he wrote and how incredibly clever he was, I definitely began to come around to the thought of Shakespeare. Now I actually get excited when I find out we're doing something Shakespeare related in class. I feel like when we watched the videos about him and his writing was when I really became interested. He put so much thought behind his writing and it ends up coming across in a very intelligent way. The coolest thing that some different people said in my opinion, was that some people can't even remember if pieces of writing were from Shakespeare, or from the Bible.
The Taming of The Shrew, oh boy. In the play, at the end it basically says that Kate has been tamed. But has she. I personally do not think so. I think one of two things. One, it's just all completely faked by Katherine. Two, the both just came to an agreement to love one another and that they would have to get along if they were ever going to to get the marriage to work. And I haven't really thought about this one too much, but maybe should just acted like she was to show off to Bianca how me she turned around, and to show here that she's not the only perfect one.
I think it is important to continue learning about Shakespeare four-hundred years later because it gives us an idea of what is was like live four-hundred years ago, and also lots of in-sight into Shakespeare's thinking. A lot of people think that he was dumb, and didn't know what he was doing, but he was a genius. It also educates us on how different speaking, housing, clothing, rights, and living conditions were back then. Overall I think that is such a cool unit, and would take up an offer to learn more about Shakespeare any day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

One of my biggest goals for the year is to try to get on the straight "A" honor roll at least two out of the four quarters. Last year I got on it once and the other quarters I got on the "A" honor roll. But this year I want to get on straight "A" at least two quarters.
My personal goal for the year is to get more organized and further improve my grades. I'm already a pretty organized person but I want to get more organized. I don't entirely mean that as in, put everything in correct folders and keep my binder clean. I also mean always making sure to get my homework done and not waiting until last minute to do so.
My improvement goal is to improve my attitude about thing, especially school. I always look at school and just think to myself, "Nearly eight hours of my day that are spent being told what to do and not understanding a good amount of it." And I want to change that because in the end it is going to be something that shows to be very helpful in the long run.
All three of these areas are important for me to work on this year because it will over all just improve my school year. It's also important to strive to improve yourself in those ways and be able to accomplish things to let yourself know that you are capable.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Invent Iowa Reflection 2016-Extendastrip

Erin and I were solving the problem of power strips not being long enough, not being capable of fitting different plugs, the cord not reaching far enough, and cords getting in the way and being a safety hazard (tripping). 
We solved those problems by making different power outlet block with a socket and plug on the opposite sides. We also made different sized and shaped blocks. To try and solve the issue of cords not being long enough to reach where you are wanting it to go, it has two connecting cords to make it longer and allow to reach. We made the cord flat to avoid tripping, and the annoyance of cords just always being in the way. 
I think that our project went decently well. The drawing I think was probably the easiest part. I guess finding out the different things we would type out was okay. 
One of the hard parts was figuring out all of the extra things we were going to type out. Then with the things that we typed, once they were printed out we had to cut them all and do it neatly for it to look half decent, and then glue it all on. Another hard thing was trying to not only fill in the extra space, but make that extra space look good. We just added some extra detail and added that on, and that took up a little more space. Besides that I just cut out and glued some construction paper on. Another thing for me was attempting to make all of the background and extra decorations color coordinated. The first thing that we added was the galaxy duct-tape so we pretty much had to base everything else around that. 
If I could modify and try to make our project better I would probably spray paint all of the background. And I would definitely have spray painted it black. I would have gone black because everything goes with black and the rest of our stuff really would have popped. And the galaxy duct-tape definitely would have looked better with it black in all of the background. 
Advice to future inventors..... I would say, before you do anything, plan, plan, plan. You want to know everything you are doing down to the last detail. This will definitely help the building/constructing ( I guess) process go much, much smoother. Also if you are with a partner try and split up the work so one person isn't doing it all and getting stressed out. And when ever possible meet up to work on it together. And if you are doing it on your own, then make sure you save time to work on it at home. Another thing, you definitely want your project to look presentable. So figure the colors/color scheme you are going to use, and stick with that. You also want to try and fill up as much of the space possible. Try not to have too much negative space. And if you do have quite a bit, them at least try and make it look nice ( add a picture, pipe cleaners, etc.). It is always nice to have something that looks nice and is organized.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Comics, Cartoons, & Graphic Novels Final Project

          I have learned many things during our time learning about comics cartoons, & graphic novels, but here are some of the things we learned that stuck out to me. I learned that with graphic novels, the things you draw don't necessarily have to be complex in any way. So really, you don't even have to be that good at, drawing. I also learned that there are so many aspects to know when creating one just to show things like emotion.
          With the topic of the fact that your drawings don't have to be complex, I find that really cool. I find it cool because of the fact that, basically anyone that can draw and/or write, you can make or at least be part of, the making of a comic book. The book that was shown to us with art by Brunneti, talked about and showed how you can use simple designs, and how things don't have to be super detailed, and you can still get the point across on what you are doing. Like when I was drawing the bird, i used two circles, and a triangle for the beak, and then of course just two dotted eyes.
          Finally, with the topic of the details I guess you would call it. There are so many things that I know know about it that every time i look at a graphic novel, I actually think about when I look at it. Like emanata. It really does make a difference in things, like a drip of sweat to show that they are tired. Also things like putting lines behind some that is running to show the action. I used this when I drew Ci (main character) when she was about to fall in to the hole. I put lines over her head to show that she was surprised.